I think some type of spoiler tag would be nice

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    I think some type of spoiler tag would be nice. Knowing stuff early is good for some, but it destroys any enthusiasm I have for Animal Crossing Nook Miles Ticket an event or new product. The appeal in events for me personally is that the puzzle prizes, so when they aren't a mystery the event only becomes a chore to get things I know about.

    Others I think are fine because it stands today. Though if memorial posts become more prevalent, another subreddit? I think that it's called might be a wonderful idea.

    "Spoiler" tag demands often seem to just turn into criticizing/piling on users that time traveling about how they are playing the game"incorrect," that to me is completely counter to the spirit of both this community and this particular game.

    1 difficulty I have had with rules is I had a pole auto-removed, I still don't understand why, and when I inquired why it had been auto-removed I have no response. If this community is going to utilize auto-removal I hope we could at least tell people why posts are removed?

    Additionally it would be wonderful to have discretionary flair for hours and/or months played. A lot of new players arrived on over the holidays and it was sometimes difficult to find out how to pitch answers when I couldn't tell if somebody had been playing the sport for weeks or a couple of days.

    It's also kind of annoying that all dreams are relegated into the sticky thread, so there are continuous boring/similar image posts (villager photographs or gold tools are trendy accomplishments, but viewing them happen to someone else to the 100th time can be a snooze) and more involved/creative jobs like island-wide quests are hidden in a thread which has little interaction.

    I would love to view flair for photoshopped screenshots. If they're a clear meme/juxtaposition such as Bernie sitting in your plaza, but should you photoshop on wings into your outfit, put a hopeless thing on a desk, or change the colour of a non-customizable item it ought to be flagged so people will not be disappointed when they can not replicate it in-game.

    I really don't think spoiler tags need to be divisive. At this time it will become a problem because there are no definite rules about what is expected and acceptable from the sub.

    If the rules were more clear (ie: spoiler tags required for events which have not happened in real time or spoiler tags required for posts that Animal Crossing Items For Sale contain items which were attained via hacking to bypass timelocking) perhaps users would not take it as a personal attack on their play mode when people requested they use a spoiler tag.