NHL 22: Best X-Factor Abilities

These new abilities are intended to make star players stand out, but how exactly do they work? Let’s go over the information that EA has provided us, as well as some other things you should be aware of.

How do you use X-Factor Abilities in NHL 22?
X-Factor Abilities, both Zone and Superstar, are automatically activated in the situations that they pertain to in NHL 22. So, you don’t have to press any specific buttons or perform key actions in a game to activate a Zone Ability or Superstar Ability. For example, Ankle Breaker allows you to deke opponents easily, but it only activates when you hit top speed. Each X-Factor’s description should inform you of when it comes into play.

Quick Draw (Hockey IQ)
Useful in many areas, quickdraw has a variety of functions leading to a very effective ability. Firstly, the draw speed on faceoffs is increased, enabling far more successful faceoffs. Secondly, when you do win a faceoff, its effectiveness is increased dramatically. Finally, you get an advantage going into faceoffs in your defensive zone.Ryan O'Reilly is the only player this ability is available with as a zone ability. In both starting and preventing attacks, O'Reilly reigns supreme due to quick draw.

NHL 22 IN game ability logo contortionist
The first cause that in NHL 22, Andrei Vasilevskiy is the very best in his place is that he’s the only real participant to have this excellent skill at his disposal.Contortionist firstly permits the goalie to make seemingly not possible clutch saves on the spin that no different participant can replicate and likewise limits the potential of taking pictures X-abilities talked about earlier.

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