My "Friday in Orem" - Facebook Auto-Made a Chipper Slideshow of my Car Accident

Facebook auto-made a chipper slideshow of my near-fatal car accident. I was in the green 4Runner. My iPhone and Apple Watch was fine.

I had entered the freeway and was chillaxin at a cool 65-70mph in the second lane from the right. I noticed a black sports car behind me about 500-750 feet traveling quite quickly, beginning to slow down so he wouldn't hit me. Then, that red car swerved out to the right from behind the black car to avoid rear ending him, but over-corrected, lost control, drifted, then rear-ended me going an easy 95mph – he was hauling. He hit into my rear passenger side bumper, so my tail slid to the left and I started to roll. The third car involved was to my left, and I apparently flipped over that car and scratched their hood with the roof of my car, then landed on my roof and continued to slide. That's when my sunroof shattered, and sparks started to fly into the car from the metal roof sliding against the asphalt. I was mostly hanging from my seat belt, but had to also hold my left elbow down against the sliding concrete to prevent my head from sliding and g etting mangled. I was lucky to have not lost consciousness so that I could not get scalped or something from the cement. Once the car stopped sliding, I gathered myself, made sure I wasn't seriously injured elsewhere on my body, undid my seat belt, and crawled out through some shattered glass and debris to the back driver's side door that still opened a bit – enough for me to crawl out.

My legs were shaking pretty uncontrollably for a while as I walked around cracking stupid jokes with the firefighters and highway patrol officers. The driver of the red car kept telling me how lucky I was, and I just kept thinking that I should probably be angry and yelling at him right now, but didn't. One of the firefighters/EMTs came over, looked at my arm, and wrapped it up. He kept looking at me, shaking his head and smiling saying that he'd never seen someone just walk away from an accident like that.

I've never hugged my wife and two-year old daughter tighter.

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