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    Measures to Changing Regular Wings to Armor. Bring your wing into any gem store (Al Kharid, Falador, or Ardougne) and pay the RS gold shop owner the appropriate amount to modify your wing into green membrane. The cost will be equivalent to the prices it costs to tan dragon hide in the tanner's store.

    You should now have your green membrane crafted into tissue armor. There are three bits to membrane armor: top robe, underside robe, along with the hood. Using a needle and thread upon green membrane will provide you the option of making one of these three bits (assuming you have the appropriate crafting level). Moreover, you have to possess one green membrane for the hood, two to the underside robe and three to the top . The crafting levels required for this kind of action are equal to that of making green d'hide armor. The green hood matches the green vambraces, the green underside as chaps and the green shirt as the body.

    You're finished making your own armor! Congratulations! (Green-black membrane robe tops require the conclusion of the Dragon Slayer quest to wear. You can even buy green bottom robes and green vambraces from the Champion's Guild, and green top robes from Oziach in Edgeville.

    These robes were made to be relatively easy to get a grasp of and have been to be fairly cheap with adequate bonuses. These were intended to match dragon hide armor that Ranged boasts.

    Steps to Shifting"Particular" Wings to Armor. Wow! Wonderful job, better access to safety prior to that dragon respawns! Use the chisel with the wing to eliminate the bones (you can get 2-10 dragon bones out of doing this). This requires 90 crafting; if you don't have the level, try finding a player who is willing to Assist you. After this you should be left with a boneless dragon wing.

    Currently use your knife on that boneless dragon wing of yours to be able to eliminate everything but the"special" membrane. This requires 90 fletching and will benefit you with 2-10 pubs which range from bronze to mithril. If you don't have the buy RuneScape gold level, consider locating a participant who's willing to aid you.