Lvl 25- Blood rob: whoever attacks you has their health

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    Lvl 13- kill power: Will diminish the strength of whoever is attacking you by 20 percent, but their defence is increased by 10%. Lvl 19-grave robbing: If murdering somebody, they shed one thing and that item appears in your stock , if you do not have distance, it seems on RS gold the floor. When murdered, you keep 1 less item. Your defence gradually decreases

    Lvl 25- Blood rob: whoever attacks you has their health regeneration lowered by half. Your health regeneration is lowered by 1/4. Lvl 25- rust: rots food and turns any bandages, rations, etc. . vampire dust. Lvl 27-rigor mortis: anyone who attacks you can't block and the harm against them is doubled. Your damage is decreased by half.

    Lvl 30-cramps: anybody who attacks you has their power decreased by half and can oftentimes be knocked-down. Your wellbeing is reduced by half. Lvl 33- obliviated: anyone who strikes you has their assault lowered by half an hour. Their weapons will often be unequipped automatically. You cannot block. Lvl 37- Dissonance: you produce three spirits which are lvl 67 who dismiss armor and stats. Their maximum hit is 25. One additional spirit ignores by half of your armor and strikes you.These spirits can't be atacked.

    Lvl 40- blasts: when employed, every 15 minutes people 3 squares around you are pushed away 10 squares further, stunned, and their conduct energy is lowered to 0. You're poisoned. Lvl 43- ressurected- when you equip this prayer, every time you die you come back to life and you lose 1/4 fo all of your stats temporarely. You lose half of your prayer.

    Lvl 50- Macabre: You create 25 skeletons that are lvl 30 that strike anybody (allies, ennemies, you). When a skeleton strikes an ally, the ally gets diseased. Lvl 55-Virluence: You drain all health of enemies on your minimap, stun them, poison, and disease them.Your health is diminished by 25%. Lvl 60- Lichen: every time you strike, you get half of your attack, and stun your oponent.Your health regeneration is reduced by half and magic will hit half over usual

    I am presently thinking about this Guthix prayer book. Here are my guthix ideas. As most people say, the zammy ones are too strong, so I'll try to create these ones no too strong. Lvl 30-Guthix equilibrium: whenever your health is under 50 percent, Your opponent gets all of his stats turned into yours and his stats become yours. Drains prayer extremely fast.

    Lvl 35- sufferings: When cursed, weakened or whatever, all ennemies on your minimap receive the hex powered 25% more. Your wellbeing is lowered by the proportion of the hex on the opponents. Lvl 40- Lost: Once employed, whoever is hit more than 10 will be teleported at a random place in their minimap and will have their things unequipped. Will not work if they don't have te inventory space. Lvl 45-Flesh of the flesh: Will heal the closest ally around to greatest health, and cheap RuneScape gold you're stunned for 10 sec.