The boost will usually become a problem as botters

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    Yes, since the copying is completed prior to release. The Wow TBC gold characters are all present in Classic, there is no downtime when copying if you choose Classic. TBC can cause delays, due to the fact that it isn't instant. It can cause more characters being copied simultaneously. This could result in the system slowing down.

    The boost will usually become a problem as botters will most likely utilize it, creating even more of an issue with bots. If bots were removed I'm not sure that the boost would cause major issue. Five of my friends are coming back to classic, as we all love tbc and they only join because they are able to increase their level beyond the vanilla content.

    Every character we have is in Classic already. They don't want unoccupied while other characters visit TBC. Each character will have its names copied prior to launch. If you choose TBC it will flip the "active" part of the TBC database to true as well as flipping the "active" part on the Classic database will be changed to false. You can then spend $35 to flip that Classic bit back.

    Ion discussed retail WoW in which there are no servers or a mega-server that you can play with everyone in your region. It's balanced overall, although Alliance is more experienced players than Horde.
    It is not balanced for actual players. Perhaps it's balanced by the numbers of characters that have ever been created, but this is not a test that is easy to do. I have max level characters for both factions and you can just log in and examine M+ keys, or pug raids and it's not even far off. The skill level is very different. This can be difficult to assess objectively. It's likely due to the fact that everyone who really cares about engaging in serious rerolls to build hordes.

    There are those who defend Blizzard because of this nonsense. They make weak arguments, such as "if players are looking for Horde and that's the way it's going to be, you cannot stop them from playing Horde", when in reality that's very possible.

    Blizzard might also let you an unrestricted faction switch to Horde to Alliance however they're too moronic to go there. They responded, "This was not an option in the initial TBC", while selling 6 months of game play that gives you the ability to purchase a Mount or pet that was not in the original TBC. This completely breaks immersion as it's the only mount that has modern animation.

    They can't, because they're unable to get the rabbit back in their hats. It's a permanent alteration to the game. They are also concerned that cross-play could buy WOW Classic TBC Gold result in the identity of the horde/alliance becoming irrelevant, which is an issue considering how much marketing it brings in.