Similar to other games released in 2020

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    Madden NFL was not an impressive 2020. Both the Xbox One and PS4 versions were heavily criticized by players and critics alike. A lot of people focused on the mut coins madden 22 perceived shortcomings of single-player modes like Franchise Mode and Face of the Franchise. It also had bugs. Really buggy.

    Similar to other games released in 2020, Madden NFL had to take on the new issues brought by the COVID-19 epidemic, which required players to work from home right during development. EA also had to deal with a console transition -- always a tricky period when sports game developers try to balance old and new tech.

    Then, flash forward to 2021 and EA is now more comfortable with the Xbox Series X and PS5 consoles, allowing them to introduce more exciting updates to Madden 22. Most important among them is homefield advantage, a feature that was not used in past years. Madden has been able to recreate the look and feel of stadiums like Seattle's Lumen Field. However, the experience hasn't yet translated into actual game play.

    That will finally change in Madden 22. Away teams who have to play in stadiums like Lumen Field, which are notoriously difficult, can now watch their players move in dangerous ways and with the buttons for receivers hidden. EA has dubbed these features "M-Factors" which are special advantages that are available to all 32 teams . These features will react based on the current momentum of the game. Even the Chargers that are known for having the highest number of home fans than their home fans, are expected to benefit from an offensive boost should they perform well at home.

    This might be familiar since NCAA Football 14 featured a similar event in 2013. Going to a stadium like Alabama would even produce similar wriggling playart. Gameplay creator Clint Oldenburg acknowledged the similarities at EA's press conference earlier this week "It originates from the way we played during NCAA Football, for sure however, it's been modernized. One of the main pieces of feedback we received in NCAA Football was that it was a little ambiguous and there wasn't a clear indication of when you had to unlock certain features in the first place, which is why we tackled by introducing Gameday Momentum."

    Gameday Momentum is a meter which changes based on the game's progress. Players from the home team enjoy advantages when they are performing well. The Seahawks, for example, have three levels of homefield advantage The 12's which distort the play; Unstoppable, which helps to prevent home team players being taken out of their X-Factor or Superstar ability and Nerves, which results in icons for receivers being hidden. The advantage of homefield also differs from buy Madden nfl 22 coins one team to the next, with stamina being a problem in Denver and kick meters getting sloppy in Chicago (cue images of the infamous Double Doink).