One of my most fond memories of playing

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    It's certainly something FFXIV excels at. When I'm not playing the Wow TBC gold game but don't want it to stop or I'm eating dinner and waiting to get back to the queue I'll make my way over to Limsa because there is always *something* happening.

    One of my most fond memories of playing the game was playing with two of my friends, catching up with some other players in game who we'd just initiated a conversation with and then going over to Costa del Sol to sit on the beach to watch the sun rise while making long jokes and sharing stories. While technically, we were doing nothing in the game, it felt real and really enjoyable. It's hard to find a game that does this.

    After my afternoon play session, I went to Limsa as usual. I got pet by someone (cuz I'm short) Then they liked my tank outfit And for the next few minutes we danced and waved goodbye. This is very common when playing this game. It's pretty sweet

    LotRO is the most similar I've seen to any MMO that features more player-led activities as FFXIV does. I had a couple of accounts on Landroval that was their primary RP server, as well as the server hosting Weatherstock. Nothing came close to the day-to-day activities that I've observed here.

    I'm a total sprout novice and have seen a bunch of girls nicknamed Paw's Paws or whatever play instruments in the tavern. I assumed those were npcs but it's still hard to distinguish the difference between musicians and non-players. Guess what? These were real people in an actual band! Damn. I thought I'd heard the tune before, but then brushed it away.

    What do you think they should add? The ability to challenge people to play cards anyplace in the game(players I'm referring to). Even if it's just the  chance to buy WOW Burning Crusade Classic Gold win mgp with the gold saucer it would still be fun to play cards and place bets of our own. I would love to stroll down a dark alley in hunt for card sharks for an opportunity to play a game.