I've experienced game stuttering for a long time

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    I've experienced game stuttering for a long time. It happens on all my characters. Stuttering can be unpredictable, however it's typically reactive. When I change between my weapons (2h shield to shield and in reverse) I stutter. The rogue is also able to open the stealth option, and I also stutter when dropping combat. This is still a problem, especially when there is an abundance of activity for instance in raids. To try to test this, I turned off all addons. The results indicate that the stuttering has become less, but still exists. This leads me to wonder what might be the cause. My computer runs pretty well so there's no reason to believe is the problem. Some of the things I've tried include: disabling all addons in-game video settings, reinstalling the game, flashing new bios, and removing hyperthreading. The problem isn't getting any better. Anyone has any ideas as to what might be causing this problem? It's really annoying, imagine watching the whole screen stutter whenever you switch to the shield in order to use spell reflect to be a warrior in pvp and it's just awful.
    Update After all the work I had done and setting my FPS at an appropriate level to keep my card at a lower than 50 percent load, I continued experiencing flickering when I ran an Kara raid last night. So I shut down Freesync completely, and it was able to solve the issue.

    I was able to disable it through the monitors itself, both are the same brand albeit differing sizes/models, and also in my AMD GPU settings. It seems like this has solved the problem. I'll keep an eye out for any new issues.

    Original Post: I've been experiencing flickering problems, however, I would not hesitate to declare it full-on studdering. And it comes and goes and it's been impossible to pinpoint the source of the problem. However it had gotten to the point where it was infuriating me, so I tried to really investigate what might be the cause.

    Now, Windows permits multiple monitor refresh rates. This signifies that Microsoft seems to have solved a long-running issue regarding Windows handling multi-monitor resolution issues. The buy wow TBC gold Windows 10 Desktop Window Manager (DWM) resulted in frame-skips and stutters when using multiple monitors that had different refresh rates. This issue seems to be fixed by Windows 10's DWM 20H1, which supports hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling (WDDM 2.7). A Reddit user demonstrated this effect.