The reason I'm trying to bring some life into it.

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    Israphel has died, according to reports. AP farming is aion classic kinah simpler because forts are much more open. However the same five to six players will be on the job continuously to farm guards and guards, which makes it very difficult to farm AP with a level of 45+.

    The reason I'm trying to bring some life into it. There are at least forts you can capture or lose. What I do know about Siel is that the asmos have an iron hold on them and will not let anyone go to recap.

    In case that wasn't enough there are those who have been proven to be unbanned after being falsely flagged for turning in multiple repeats in the course of a single event. It's suicide for NCSoft to simply unban some people and then leave everyone else who committed the offense exiled.

    It's the only question you are able to truthfully answer. What are the additional rewards that players receive when they go back into an open realm? For this particular repetitive quest that players are taking part in, they're going in, fighting mobs, and earning quest items. They then leave the instance via one of the exits provided. After they've turned it in they will accept the next repeatable and enter .... to the same scenario. Did they kill the mob in the past? They are dead and gone. They're not likely to respawn, so no extra loot is even a possibility. And this has been done for many years, but now it's no longer allowed? What's going on? This is completely absurd.

    Do not be fooled, this is really happening, folks like myself have been exiled for doing only repeatable quest hand ins. Simply put. It's very good that you did not get disqualified. They apply it manually , so you were not noticed. Kibbelz has already acknowledged that there is no automation in the ban. We're here to defend NCSHiT from serious blunders. Smh

    I'm not sure about what's more likely, however, one thing my own experience has taught me is that "more likely" is not a valid measure. I don't know how to respond to the fact that you and your legion were not banned for this even if you had been doing this within the past week or so , when they started this silly ban wave of BS. What has happened to me, and to others who say similar things is all I know. I know this because I was there, and you were not. Stop wasting your time and euro aion classic buy kinah trying to convince people on something that has not occurred to you or that you have not experienced yet. You're 100% incorrect on this point I am sure of this because I have experienced it myself and you've not.