I believe that my account getting blocked was a message

    Par Weiweismart

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    I believe that my account getting blocked was a message by God that I was required to return to my life as I was. Since I'm now in my third year of college I lead a blissful and OSRS gold fulfilled life. My Sundays are spent in church, and my weekends are spent with my family. I wanted bomb the headquarter of this gaming corporation, but voilence doesn't seem to be the answer. Runescape isn't the only game that is taking over people's lives.

    This is an open discussion. I'll first ask the question, and then respond with my thoughts. I'll also make use of the term pf2p which is a reference to pure free-play i.e. a player that has not been an RS participant of any RS "life".

    Are you of the opinion that players who are free to attain the same skillcape as pure f2ps ought to be recognized more than those who have achieved it in a shorter period of time? This is just for the skills that members and f2ps have access too and comparing it is a bit silly. Also, I DO realize that players who are free have to pay 6 bucks to purchase their skillscape. What I mean by a Pf2p is someone that has already achieved a 99 in pf2p, but just pays 6 bucks and does not train for that skill at all to purchase the skillcape NOT someone that waits till he's 90 and switches to member for faster levels.)

    It's easy to overlook that people always attempt to minimize the accomplishments of others with the use of terms like 'nolifers', or "nerds". This is an interesting issue because it requires greater effort to achieve the same goal as an active member than for a player who is free, unless there is an unfair comparability.

    There is a debate that members spend more time earning money from skills that generate money (such as cooking or firemaking) than they do working to earn money. This is called "Members make more money and use less time" (assuming that money is not equal to time). This can be tricky because there are multiple options. To clarify, I'll list each side's points.

    P2P-Earns money generally faster. Green drags, various abilities like slayer and a greater amount of money that can be used to purchase merchandise gives them an advantage over pf2ps. Has faster training methods avaliable to players. Large bones can be buried in a pathetic manner when compared to gold-plated altars. You will be able to achieve a 99 on the abilities which are more dependent on money than other abilities.

    PF2P-Earns money slower, the fastest method (short of merching), would probably be mining rune rocks, which is pretty dangerous and slow as is chopping things buy RuneScape gold (be it yews or cockroach soldiers). In an hourly basis the PF2P makes less money for the most efficient money-making techniques as compared to the P2P.