Itemd2r Comprehensive Guide to Find High Runes in Diablo 2 Resurrected

Itemd2r Comprehensive Guide to Find High Runes in Diablo 2 Resurrected


In Diablo 2: Resurrected, a “summoner” character build could be used for farming gear or runes. This means that the player is using their summoning skills to generate an army of monsters, which can then be used to defeat other monsters and bosses in order to obtain valuable loot. Check this guide and we discuss the farming tips for Summoner, best rune and  areas for Summoner, farming for gear for a Summon, and more.

Lower Kurast

The Lower Kurast in Act 3 Hell is one of the best places you can find high runes. It can be farmed easily with an under geared Sorceress as you’ll be popping chests opposed to killing monsters. The Lower Kurast will have multiple “super chests” which can be found easily and has the best chances to drop high runes and other good items.

These super chests are always in the hut that is next to a circle of torches. Each hut contains two super chests to the left side of the torches and one right above the torches. Sometimes the map will spawn with two different areas for super chests but always guarantees a minimum of one. While not the most exciting, this is one of the best places to easily farm high runes.

Arcane Sanctuary

The Arcane Sanctuary in Act 2 Hell is also a fantastic place to farm high runes. Not only do they have super chests at the end of each platform, but the Specter monsters have the highest chances of dropping high runes in the game. You’ll also run into the Summoner which has decent odds of a rune dropping from him.


Hell Cows are also a good spot to farm high runes because of the high density of monsters. They can be cleared easily by almost all characters since they don’t have any immunities.

Chaos Sanctuary

The River of Flame and Chaos Sanctuary in Hell is also on the list but usually more difficult to clear due to various immunities. All of the monsters in the Chaos Sanctuary are level 85 and quite packed, giving you a great chance to not only find runes, but good items.

The Countess

The Countess in Hell difficulty is located in the Forgotten Tower and will always drop at least one rune, which has a slight chance of it being a higher leveled rune. She can’t drop all runes, though. The highest rune the Countess can drop in Hell difficulty is up to a Lo rune.

Fast Rune Farming for Low to High Runes in D2R

# Find the countess

The countess can be found in the black marsh that is act one, this is a nightmare difficulty that you should farm her in you look around until you find the forgotten tower looks something like this, and then you descend to the fifth level of the forgotten tower which is where you will find the countess.

So which runes can the countess drop well in normal difficulty, she can drop anything from l up to Rao in nightmare difficulty, she can drop anything up to co technically, although anything above is very rare, this is that there's a guaranteed drop that the countess will drop in terms of runes.

# Drop runes from the countless

In terms of her special ability to drop d2r runes and then there is her random monster chance which also has a different scale to which, it can drop runes and so lam and co would be on her regular monster drop rate role, and then anything up to io would be on her counter special rune drop role, and then finally in hell difficulty, she can drop all the way up to low, although anything above ist is considered to be much less likely and very difficult for those very high runes.

# Bonfires -House - Super chest

If you're new to diablo, the Zod is the most difficult item to drop in the D2R, you could play for 20 years and never see one and many players have, just so you're aware the chances are astronomical, however, the place to go for the very high runes is lower crossed now in lower curast, there will be up to two one to two of these bonfires when you see a bonfire like this, the nearby house will contain a super chest that has perhaps the best chance of dropping the very high runes in the Diablo 2 Resurrected.

# Farm super chests

So what players do especially in single-player is farm these super chests in lower Kuras, now in single-player, you will know exactly where those super chests are and exactly where the huts are, and so you can farm them extremely fast.

However in battle net, the maps are always randomized, so it will take you considerably longer to find the super chests each time, this is probably still the best way to look for high runes, but is there really any good way, but this is probably the best way.

# Lower curast runes

If you're actually going to do these lower curast runes, the spectres, the ghosts, and the wraiths or whatever they are here in the arcane sanctuary, actually have the best chance of dropping high runes, ghosts are just one of those things that have a better chance of dropping Diablo 2 Resurrected runes, next up the chaos sanctuary is a good spot, because of the high monster density.

If you can clear this ar chaos sanctuary quickly well, there's just a lot of high monster density, and that's kind of the name of the game, when it comes to farming D2R runes nothing really has a great chance of dropping it magic fine doesn't help, it really becomes a game of killing as many things as you possibly can as quickly as you can to improve your drop chances.

Of course, that could probably be applied to most things right and last on this list, but certainly, not least is the farm the secret cow level cows are good because they come in high-density numbers and they don't have any immunities. To kill cows all day long they can drop all sorts of good stuff and runes are included in that list so there you go ghosts cows chaos sanctuary lower cross runs the countess.

I hope this guide has helped you in some way. If you are a casual player then you might not focus on High Runes as much as other players, but, Runes, High Runes and especially Runewords are very powerful and can really change the way your character performs. If you get tired of farming for High Runes, don’t worry! We got you covered! Come to you can  and gold right away.