Azeroth, it appears, is more than just a World Of Warcraft world

Azeroth, it appears, is more than just a World Of Warcraft world


Azeroth, it appears, is more than just a World Of Warcraft world. It's also a planet-soul, i.e. an inactive Titan waiting to awaken. Titans Titans make up their name for the World of Warcraft universe's cosmic gods and some of the most formidable characters in Warcraft that are who are responsible for bringing order and order to the universe and   allowing intelligent races of the cosmos to thrive. In the past, long ago, when Azeroth was still a child, one of the Titans, Sargeras, learned the terrible truth, which led him to form a cosmic army hell-bent on wiping out life in the universe.

Sargeras was aware of the power that is known as the Void the Void, a dark, corrupting force that wanted nothing more than to completely consume the entire universe darkness. Sargeras also discovered that one of the primary ways the Void used to achieve its goal would be to corrupt the dormant Titan souls, changing them into impure Dark Titans that would threaten the entire universe.

After destroying a soul on the verge to being corrupted, Sargeras was forced to come to the dire conclusion that all life was to be destroyed so that the Void would have nothing left to be corrupted. Thus he formed the armies of demons from the Burning Legion and went to battle against the titans of his own.

That's why the Burning Legion has repeatedly tried to take down World of Warcraft's Azeroth, the planet. Azeroth and believes it is as a target of corruption. It was the reason for the Burning Legion's creation of the Lich King. It's also the reason that The Old Gods, sent to Azeroth through the Void and imprisoned below the Earth's surface have a keen interest in destroying the life of Azeroth and the more corruption grows, the more likely the soul of Azeroth will become corrupted , and then awaken as the form of a Dark Titan. The corruption is the primary cause behind Catacylsm that was brought on by Deathwing the dragon that has been who is driven mad by the Old god's corrupted.

It's a clever strategy to organize the world of the game in a single place and offer the real reason behind so numerous deadly events. Recent   World of Warcraft expansions have been able to take players to new realms and planets but even though the world of Azeroth might not be the most cheerful environment to live on because of the constant world that poses danger to people who are playing Blizzard's widely played MMO there is no place that's more home.