you should focus on your strengths, towards having each one reach the highest level of 99

you should focus on your strengths, towards having each one reach the highest level of 99


Looking ahead to the next event we thought we'd have it around February, and that turned out to be true. . Since as far back as 2014 there has been the"double" or "bonus XP occasion at the moment. In light of how the last couple of events have been it is unlikely to see any more changes, as Jagex appears to have perfected their formula.

The players get 48 hours of Double XP to make use of over approximately 10 days. There was a rare exception in which the event lasted over 21 days. 10 day events tend to draw large numbers of players due to their limited nature.

For those who aren't in the know, RuneScape is a major deal. A darned big deal. It is, at least, to people in the MMORPG world. It's now in its 21st year It's one of most popular MMORPGs and probably the best free one. The game's theme is high fantasy, with an equally strong medieval vibe running through the game. It's a blend that works superbly well; just ask J.K. Rowling.

RuneScape is an important game for me personally because of three tiny points that include: being the first MMORPG I ever played; the very first game I've played that I could be described as addicted to; and it was the first game I got into that could be described as 'online' although it's far from being the best. Still, that's three significant gaming milestones that should not be ignored.

After a short and basic instruction on the appropriately called Tutorial Island, I found myself dumped in the uneventful however, quite pleasant riverside town of Lumbridge. Every new player gets the fundamentals down of the game, such as how to make fire or put money in the bank. It is important to remember that, in RuneScape the game, all players begin with a level playing field (weirdly, at level 3).

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